Child Forced To Change Halloween Costume To "Portable MLS Playoff Game" Teletubby

Philadelphia, PA - With the upcoming Philadelphia Union playoff game scheduled at 7:00 pm on Halloween, Philadelphia Union fan Bill Hastings unequivocally stated that his 4 year old daughter Olivia would now be going as a“Portable MLS Playoff Game” Teletubby named “Doopy Doopy” as he threw away her Darth Vader costume for something that he quickly began assembling.


“You’ll be pulling this generator filled with gas that will power a 20 inch LCD monitor that I’ve configured to hang around your shoulders and waist,” stated Hastings. “I’ve sewn in a Raspberry Pi circuitboard into your costume that will allow me to stream from my phone to the television that is under your costume for as long as the generator will hold out. and I’m using Raspberry Pi W so I’ll use the wireless on my phone to cast the game.”

Reportedly, this quick change in costume did not sit well with 5 year old Olivia Hastings who stated, "Dad, I"m too old for teletubbies. I want to be Darth Vader."

However, Hastings insisted in the costume change as he told his child, “Look, it’s not my fault the league schedules the playoffs on Halloween. Daddy still wants to go trick or treating, but he just needs Doopy Doopy to walk backwards and pull this generator while we are out getting candy. It’s not that complicated and NO whining.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hastings tries to create a drone to airlift him beers at every house he visits.