The Business Casuals Schedule Punch Up With Happy Hour Lads For Rights To Perry Ellis

NEW YORK - Red Bull New York supporters group The Business Casuals reportedly scheduled a punch up with the Happy Hour Lads for the rights to wear Perry Ellis after a meetup at Ulysses Folk House ended up with a challenge given and accepted.


“We took those lads to the dry cleaners,” stated Casuals member Prescott Harold Rightson Jr. “They came in with their pressed chinos, their boat shoes, and their Macy’s discount knockoff Perry Ellis and we filed a cease and desist order on the spot. Only my gang runs in those colors. If you come correct at me, bruv, you better be sporting the periwinkle slim fit check shirt of The Business Casuals.”

People on the scene indicate that the two supporters groups of New York City FC met up for an informal meet and greet at Ulysses as it was decided to be neutral ground between Dorrian's (the home bar of The Business Casuals) and Mad Dog & Beans (the home bar of the Happy Hour Lads).

“They exchanged business cards, first, with several of the Happy Hour Lads admiring the raised and embossed lettering of The Business Casuals,” stated bartender Carlotta Franklin of JP Morgan. “It was then that the trouble happened.”

According to Ms. Franklin, Happy Hour Lads member Charles Banks Evans walked in wearing a checked Perry Ellis shirt with personalized cuff-links and a bow-tie which reportedly was an affront to the aesthetic sensibilities of The Business Casuals who immediately fired a witty rejoinder towards the genealogy of Mr. Evans as it relates to his possibly Irish blood.

“Things were tense, but I told the boys that if they wanted to fight, they would have to do it in a court of law or outside in the sick that the guys from Goldman Sachs desposited in the alleyway down the street.”

It was then that the challenge was given for a no bats, no guns, no monogramed flasks fight between The Business Casuals and the Happy Hour lads.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the two cannot agree to a time frame for the fight that actually works with their schedule and allows everyone to attend because Thomas has meetings at 8, 9, 11:30 and 4:00 on Mondays, the game is Sunday, everyone is expected to come in on Saturday, Randall is travelling to DC next week and there’s an all hands meeting on Tuesday followed by individual evaluations for the 3rd quarter.