Man's Plan To Fix Soccer As Simple As," Overthrowing Capitalism On A Global Scale"

Portland, OR - Socialist political operative and soccer fan Howard Williams stated that his grand plan to fix the corporate influence of soccer in the United States was as simple as, "overthrowing Capitalism on a global level."


Stating, "Wave slavery is death," Williams ranted about the current set up of the market in the United States noting that, "Everything would be resolved if the people in charge voluntarily transferred all the power to the people, tomorrow. Things will be far better when leagues and the teams are owned and operated by the fans for the sake of the fans. Look, all we need to do is make the billionaires in charge of the system realize that they are harming the growth of the game! It's easy. I'm going to find out what Philip Anschutz address is and mail him a copy of Das Kapital. Once we get Philip turned, then we just need to work on Robert Kraft, Don Garber,  Sunil Gulati and whoever ends up replacing Eric Wynalda after he resigns in year 3."

Williams has long advocated for a total abandonment of the current systems of soccer in the United States and under his proposal he states that the countries of Canada, Mexico and the United States must be replaced and reformed while abolishing capitalism at a state government level doing away with borders and uniting into one super region and switching to a winter schedule to aline with FIFA dates. His timeline for this puts the revolution somewhere in 2024.

When asked how he will enable the revolution, Williams stated, "I'm going to start a Twitter account," as he continued on to say, "The people will throw off the yoke of the involvement of Coke in soccer when they get a load of my socialist cat memes! The proletariat will rise once again for the real redistribution of the assets in Das Superdraft."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when Williams starts a blog to go along with his Twitter account.