"Some Of My Highest Yelp Rated Restaurants Are Mexican," States Xenophobic Soccer Fan

Dallas, TX - Despite a Facebook and Twitter feed filled with posts about soccer and policy that overstep the line between tolerance and xenophobic bigotry against people of Mexican descent, soccer fan Frank Weihauser stated that he does not really hate Mexicans, on Friday.

"I only like dual nationals if they are German and they choose the United States," stated Mr. Weihauser.

"I only like dual nationals if they are German and they choose the United States," stated Mr. Weihauser.

"I support the United States, the greatest country in the world, and I expect everyone else to support the United States regardless of where they are," stated Weihauser to The Nutmeg News. "Some of my highest Yelp rated restaurants are Mexican."

Weihauser reportedly was incensed when Jonathon Gonzalez chose Mexico over the United States as he repeatedly stated online, "just deport him if he loves it so much. We should do this to his parents and family."

Mr. Weihauser continued in a long winded Facebook post that received 5 likes on a US Soccer Fan Facebook group, "I don't hate Mexicans, I hate the Mexican national team, and most of the players, and most of their families, and the families they know in the United States, and I don't really like the three guys that live on my block, or the guy that I see downtown, but I'm not bigoted against Mexicans.... It's just sports."

Reportedly wanting to keep America and America's institutions for American's, the American of German descent ranted all day about another American of Mexican descent indicating, "He doesn't love this country, you can tell. Love it or leave it. And by love it, I mean be like me and hate anyone trying to get in or anyone from another backgrounds that values another country at all. In fact, you know what, it's probably better you just leave it. America. Leave it. That's our new slogan. But don't leave it if you trained for soccer here, if that's the case then stay and allow me to dislike you in a different way."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Weihauser gets verde sauce on his Burrito at La Victoria, later.