Orlando Pride Fan Still, STILL Waiting For GO90 Stream To Resume

Tampa, FL - Earlier this year, The Nutmeg News reported on Orlando Pride fan Heather Pulaski who was waiting for the Orlando Pride v Seattle Reign stream to resume after riding out Hurricane Irma.

STILL waiting!!

STILL waiting!!

We checked back in on Pulaski to find that she is still waiting for the stream to resume in her quixotic quest to watch the end of the game she started over four months ago.

"So after the hurricane I struck around waiting for the stream to start again," stated Pulaski from our interview with her at The Blind Tiger Coffee Shop in Ybor City. "We rebuilt. The waters receded. I claimed a few things to insurance that I lost in a storage locker. I went to my moms house for a bit. I quit my job to focus on something that I loved. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the stream to resume."

Pulaski stated that she has intentionally taken a four month leave of social media and the internet in an attempt to focus on not having the game spoiled as she still waits for the streaming service to resume.

"If I'm patient, it will happen," stated Pulaski for the 486th time. "Go90 are good, Go90 won't abandon me. Their will be done. We shall find the peace and the time for the resumption when my duties to the holy rotating wheel are good enough to bless my countenance with the game."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Pulaski sacrifices a chicken in an attempt to please the streaming gods.