Orlando Pride Fan Still Waiting For GO90 Stream To Resume

Tampa, FL - Orlando Pride fan Heather Pulaski admitted that she is still waiting for the Orlando Pride v Seattle Reign stream to resume after riding out Hurricane Irma in an effort to see the full game as it happened.

I think it moved..... no....... no wait....... no it didn't.

I think it moved..... no....... no wait....... no it didn't.

"I know there were evacuation orders, but I really need to finish watching the Pride v Reign game. I couldn't leave because I think the stream is going to restart soon," stated Pulaski to The Nutmeg News.

A long time resident of Tampa and an Orlando native, Pulaski wasn't about to let a little hurricane stop her from being able to see Alex Morgan and Ashlyn Harris take on the Reign.

"I figured that with a streaming service I should be able to hunker down and watch the game. I rightly assumed that I'd be done watching this game in enough time to evacuate for Irma, but I've been streaming this thing since Thursday so I'm hoping it will start back up soon. I'm not about to give up now. At some point, go90 is going to fix their service and I'll resume. I JUST KNOW IT."

Pulaski noticed that the stream stopped working about 2 minutes into the game and infrequently started sputtering off and on getting her to 20 minutes before turning to a black window with a spinning circle. She fired up a hand powered generator to keep her phone running when she lost power, this weekend, as she lived in hope that go90 would actually be able to show the game in full.

"All that happened was that stupid spinning circle in the middle of the screen, but I'm going to find out what happens in this game before it gets spoiled on twitter if I have to stay watching this thing spin for the next few years."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Pulaski goes on year 4 of waiting for the Pride v Reign game to finish streaming.