Area Soccer Fan Very Concerned About the Profitability Of FOX

Lincoln, NE - Soccer fan David Hays admitted that he is very concerned about the profitability of FOX stating, "if they need to interrupt the run of play in a soccer game to put in commercials then please do! I'll miss some game time action if that means that FOX can continue to make money."



"I believe in trickle down economics," stated Hays from his mobile home outside Lincoln. "I know that if FOX makes money that it means MLS will become relevant and the United States will win the World Cup. That money will keep flowing downhill until I'm making some money for publishing my blog, So, I'm ready to miss a few goals or some game action in order to be bombarded by advertisements if that means that eventually I'll be getting paid to write and the United States will be the best team in the world."

Hays indicated that his enthusiastic embrace of FOX and the corporate environment equals his love of soccer as he stated, "My team, my home team, really is FOX and NBC Sports and every network that puts soccer on television. I don't have a rooting interest in a team in Major League Soccer. I root for money and I hope that FOX makes a bunch of it. Because that means that the United States will be world beaters and MLS will get rid of single entity and all it's going to take is a few 6 second adds to make all my dreams come true. Hell, I hope for advertisements that last all game long. Like, FOX could just put their name on the kits of the teams, and on the ad-boards, and on the television screen and maybe even sell advertising space to other entities! Think of all the money they could make! GO FOX!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hays diagrams advanced metrics for advertising campaigns including the expected goals of soccer commercials.