US Fan Excited To Sing Two Songs And One Chant For 90 Minutes

Harrison, NJ - US fan Deryk Biloxi admitted that he was very excited to sing the two songs and one chant that all US fans know for 90 minutes tonight as he stated, "It's really great to be yelling about how awesome our country is to everyone again like nothing bad has happened."



Biloxi stated that he hoped that the American Outlaws would open up with USA - USA, a chant that he worked on over the past year to perfect the correct intonation and tone. "If we can start with When the Yanks... or maybe even USA - USA that will put me in my comfort zone before we go into We Love Ya. Then when we go back into USA - USA and then back into When the Yanks before heading back into We Love Ya. It's going to be great."

Biloxi then indicated he hoped the US fans would close with We Love Ya before heading into dead air followed by When The Yanks and USA - USA, followed by USA - USA again.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the reconfigured Red Bulls song of Twist And Shout makes Biloxi upset that the MLS club game is intruding on the songs he knows, as a NYCFC fan.