Inappropriate Suggestions Delay Creation Of Anti-Racism Banner

Indianapolis, IN - Indy Eleven fan sub-subgroup, the Broad Ripple Ultras, admitted that their attempt to create an Anti-Racism banner against Nazi idiots/White Supremacists and in support of Charlottesville was delayed after inappropriate suggestions from Indy Eleven fan Bill Levinston slowed down work.

photo: @treyhigdon

photo: @treyhigdon

"Bill... is.... well.... Bill is bill. He tries, but he is also a moron," stated banner designer Randall Ellis. 

Reportedly, Levinston's suggestions for the messaging on the banner ranged from the profane to the stupid as he continues to throw out disruptive messaging thus disproving the old adage that there are no bad ideas.

"First he asked, 'can we call them motherfuckers?'  But we had to inform him that, aside from the profanity, that some of their mothers are likely really nice people and disagree with what they are doing and are ashamed of the actions of their children." stated Ellis. "The same goes for, 'sons of bitches,' too. That's a preemptive veto, Bill."

Our reporters transcribed only one of the arguments from the design call on Monday morning.

Levinston: "How about, SUCK MY COCK, NAZIS."

Ellis: "No, Bill, goddamit, we can't put that on a banner. It's homophobic."

Levinston: "Ok, how about using Suck My Dick, instead?"

Ellis: "It's not the usage of Cock, Bill."

Levinston: "But it's MY dick, how is THAT homophobic?"

Ellis: "No."

Levinston: "Ok, I get it. What about, 'You can shove your Nazi salutes right up your ass!!' That would be great."

Ellis: "Again, there's nothing wrong with a bit a butt play, Bill." 

Levinston:  "But a whole hand? Come on, that would really injure the Nazis"

Ellis: "It's all about breathing, Bill. It can be done"

Levinston: "Ok, What about fuck you, you fucking fucks."


The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Levinston continues to make terrible suggestions that the group ignores.