Season Finale of "Real World Midland-Odessa" Fails As 11 Strangers On A Team Can't Win NPSL Title

New Haven, CT - Reality television fans and NPSL soccer fans across the internet registered their disgust at the season finale of "Real World Midland-Odessa" after the premise of 11 strangers on a soccer team having to learn how to work together failed with the hometown Elm City Express taking home the NPSL Championship on Saturday.

Photo: Peter Hvizdak, Hearst Connecticut Media

Photo: Peter Hvizdak, Hearst Connecticut Media

"The whole thing was pretty stupid anyway," stated Bachelor fan Dustin Reynolds. "Everyone knows that you need time and patience to build a team. You can't just throw 11 players together who really haven't played together and expect them to do much of anything."

According to Neilsen reports, the finale of Real World Midland-Odessa registered a massive .000000001 rating, up from the finale last season. However, interaction with the game dropped after 10 minutes when people realized that Midland-Odessa didn't know what they were doing and that it is utterly stupid to have 11 players who really haven't played together before.

"I wanted to watch the game, and congratulations to Elm City Express, but good grief. I can't believe that anyone thought this was a good idea," stated Deadliest Catch fan Elizabeth Montgomery. "Midland-Odessa were so bad that it reminded me of Puck getting voted out of the house in Real World season three, and he couldn't play midfield EITHER."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Real World Midland-Odessa relocates to the NWSL next season.