With Five Minutes Til Game Time, Man Just Needs To Figure Out If He Can Stream Game After Inviting Friends Over

Columbus, OH - Columbus Crew fan David Adams admitted that with just five minutes til the Columbus Crew play Atlanta United on the road that he needed a few more minutes to find a stream and figure out a way to get it on the television after inviting friends over to his apartment to watch the game.



"Does anyone have a laptop with an HDMI port?" exclaimed Adams to a group of friends milling around his living room snacking on chips. "Look, we need to figure this out or we aren't going to be able to watch anything."

An avowed cord cutter, Adams admits that live sports are typically the hardest thing to watch, but he manages to follow each away Crew game by a variety of methods that are not conducive to a thriving party.

"Ok, if this doesn't work I'm going to need everyone to gather around my laptop that I have in my bedroom because the wireless isn't working right now," stated Adams as his guests began to figure out how to leave without him recognizing their departure.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Adams realizes that his laptop speakers aren't loud enough to carry the game commentary and begins to apologize to his friends for, "the situation."