United Draw As United Lose Big As United Lose Late

The opening weekend in Major League Soccer (MLS) was eventful as United lost late after United drew after United lost big.

The total number of "United" teams expected in Major League Soccer

The total number of "United" teams expected in Major League Soccer

"We thought that United might struggle this year as we also thought United would be better this season as we also thought that United played pretty well," stated MLS statistical analyst Jeremy Gouche. "We also thought that United played better than we thought United would play and was only second to our overall thought that United also played very poorly at times, but also very well in their draw."

Reportedly fans were both elated, upset and nonplussed at the results for United this weekend as they were looking forward to next weekend.

"United are going to dominate next weekend, but we also expect United to lose and United may also lose or draw," stated Gouche. "So set your fantasy lineup to make certain you include United players, but also don't include United players, and maybe pick up this United player because he is going to be ok against the matchup."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as United play United while United wait for United.