Clap 👏 Emoji 👏 Overuse 👏 Ruins 👏 Salient 👏 Point

CHICAGO - A thoughtful and salient point, on Twitter, about the opening weekend of Major League Soccer was ruined by an overuse of the clap emoji which caused many followers of @breathefootballUSA to skip right over the tweet in question.



"We thought that the clap emoji would be a great way to get the interest of more people," stated David Whithers, director, president, vice-president and dictator pro-tem of Breathe Football Networks (a Tripod webhost organization). "There's been a lot of use of the clap emoji on soccer twitter recently. We wanted to get on the bandwagon. We may have gotten on the bandwagon too late."

Reportedly, dozens of fans of the site immediately skipped by the tweet in question as they stated, "Oh great, not that shit again," while trying to find gifs of the David Accam goal.

National pollsters Gallup reported that people in the age range of 0 to death are tired of the twitter clap emoji meme as new polls show that 9 out of 10 people just hate anything to do with emojis, with the 10th person being a serial killer named EMOJIBOB who uses clap emoji's to tag his crime scenes.

"I guess the clap emoji is pretty dead," stated Whithers. "However, we are going to start using On Fleek, next week. That's still on fleek, right?"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when Whithers discovers the difference between Bey and Bae.