Humble Atlanta United Fan Only 75% Certain That Team And Supporters Are The Best In The World

Atlanta, GA - Humble Atlanta United fan Sam Regenold admitted that he was only 75% certain that the team and supporters groups of Atlanta United are the best in the world.

La Bombonera? oh... bless their heart.

La Bombonera? oh... bless their heart.

"I can't, in all confidence, state that Atlanta United and our supporters groups are the best in the world," stated Regenold to The Nutmeg News. "I'm just 75% certain that we are the best in the world. You see our crowds? Enormous. You see our games? Electric. I'll tell you that we would take down the star studded Chelsea, Barcelona and Madrid with the simple passion that we have in the stands before our starting 11 ripped them apart on the field. Those international fellas would have a shit-fit, I'll tell ya what."

Regenold revealed, to this reporter, that it is his firm belief that you can't compare Atlanta crowds to their North American counter parts.

"You have to look at the rest of the world, when you talk about Atlanta United. You have to look at the Balkans, at Italy and Sweden. And they don't even have a Varsity, there. You can't get tuned up on onion rings in Serbia. Try drumming to a beat with grease covered fingers. It's difficult."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Regenold searches "Atlanta United Fans" on twitter in order to educate the haters about the Atlanta United crowd.