American Soccer Fans Very Excited For Utterly Meaningless And Overpriced Barcelona/Madrid Game

Soccer fans the nation over were, reportedly, passionately inflamed with interest and excitement as the American edition of El Cashico was announced with the Real Madrid v Barcelona game to be played in Miami on July 29th.





"I'm very excited," stated Deryk Fayweather of Orlando. "I plan on purchasing as many tickets as I can and reselling them to make a profit off idiots who think that this game actually matters. It's going to be a good Christmas in the Fayweather house this year."

North American based fans of the two teams were unabashedly thrilled at the possibility of paying way too much money for a terrible seat to watch uninterested players faff about on the field.

"My god in heaven," exclaimed Barcelona fan Matthew West of Kansas City. "This is going to be great. I am already making plans to attend this game until I find out how much it is going to cost me to attend this game, then I plan on making pithy comments about it on twitter."

With the game scheduled for the doldrums of July, many fans of Real Madrid are reportedly worried about who will actually play.

"If Ronaldo isn't going to play, I'm not going," stated Sandra Sothersbee of Nashville. "I'm only going to this game if I have a chance to make a really big deal about how he stands over the ball on a free kick only to then check out of the game emotionally after I realize that no one really cares."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as more people figure out how to squeeze money from North American soccer fans.