US Fan Unable To Pledge Support To World Cup Team Until 23 And Me Kit Arrives

BOSTON - Every-four-year soccer supporter Dale Smith stated that he was unable to pledge his undying patriotic love to any current world cup team until his 23 And Me kit arrives that he ordered on Cyber Monday.

Am I a Denmark fan? German? This box will tell me everything!

Am I a Denmark fan? German? This box will tell me everything!

"My mom told me that her side of the family is Scandinavian, so I might be rooting for Iceland or Sweden," stated Smith to The Nutmeg News. "However, on my dad's side of the family it is all a mess. English immigrants who had branches of the family from France and I have one great, great, great Grandmother who is Russian, supposedly."

Smith is a steadfast watcher of the important games for the United States Men's Team and was forced to find a new team when the United States bombed out of the qualification for the World Cup.

"Fortunately, like nearly every single person in the United States, I'm a composite of immigrants from other countries. That way I can root for nearly any country in the world and use the 23 And Me results to confirm that this is ok."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as his DNA testing kit shows that Smith is 16% African.