United States Women's Soccer Demand That United States Men Take A Pay Cut

CHICAGO - In a letter delivered to the Chicago headquarters of the US Soccer Federation, members of the Untied States Women's National Team demanded that the United States Men take a pay cut after missing the FIFA World Cup.


"Clearly the men have not delivered like we have," stated members of the 3 time World Champion (and current defending champion) United States Women's team. "We demand equal pay for equal results and the soccer that most of these men will be doing next summer is playing FIFA."

According to insider sources, the letter was signed by a number or prominent players who were instrumental in winning the Women's World Cup, something that the US Men haven't even sniffed, over the years.

"We produced 3 World Championships and 4 Olympic Championships in the same time-frame that the men have done absolutely nothing," stated the letter. "It is high time that the men are compensated commensurate to their level of play, which is poor."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the men try to argue with semantics, straw-men and well-actually statements.