Local Idiot Thinks Things With US Soccer Are Going To Change

Dayton, OH - Local soccer idiot Stephen Magee actually thinks things are going to magically change with the US Soccer Federation (USSF) after the United States missed the World Cup on Tuesday evening.



"We can replace Gulati, fire Arena, and start distributing that surplus money to fix the pay-to-play system," stated Magee to his friend Ralph Dubois.

"All we need is for the millionaires involved in the game nationally to somehow grow a moral compass and reach out to underserved communities to get them involved with the game, instead of the current crop of kids who have parents wealthy enough to pay for their soccer habit. It'll be EASY!" 

Reportedly, Magee went to bed with a smug feeling of superiority knowing that he solved all the faults with US Soccer in one night, provided that the rich people involved with the federating feel happy about cash redistribution.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this an ardent Magee is shocked when he wakes up and Gulati hasn't resigned.