Resolution To Tweet Less Falls By The Wayside As, "SOMEONE IS WRONG ONLINE ABOUT SOCCER"

NEW YORK - Soccer fan Carlos Jimenez's New Year resolution to tweet less in 2017 fell by the wayside on the 2nd of January as, "SOMEONE IS WRONG ONLINE ABOUT SOCCER"

Tigres ARE the deserving champion!

Tigres ARE the deserving champion!

Jimenez reportedly told his wife and family that he was going to cut back on tweeting to spend more time with the family and appreciate life in the moment. However, a individual account with 36 followers that was relentlessly talking about how Club America was screwed out of the Liga MX championship derailed his plans as the Tigres fan launched back into Twitter with the ferocity of a scorned lover.

"This is bullshit, and this guy MUST be told... and THEN I'm going on a social media break," stated Jimenez as he started a multi tweet rant.

Reportedly, Jimenez then became involved in a multi-part tweet regarding his original multi-tweet rant that spun off into a discussion about food in the Albany area and his cousin who is, "doing some great work ATM."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Jimenez completely forgets about his resolution after logging 45 tweets in 30 minutes.