Self-Identified Antifa, Anarcho, Left Wing, Ultra, Casual, Punk, Soccer Fan Decries Unpatriotic Morons

LOS ANGELES - Isaac Brayburn, a self-identified antifa, anarcho, left wing, ultra, casual, punk, soccer fan, has issued his proclamation on Megan Rapinoe and other athletes who are kneeling as a protest during the United States National Anthem calling them, "unpatriotic morons who deserve to leave the country as soon as possible."

Mr. Brayburn has some movie recommendations, if you like.

Mr. Brayburn has some movie recommendations, if you like.

"I'm antifa and.. you know.. against racism and all that, but I'm not here to listen to anyone's complaints about the national anthem," stated Brayburn to The Nutmeg News on Wednesday. "Racism has, by and large, been defeated in the United States. I can honestly say that as a white man, I haven't encountered any racism recently, nor have any of my good friends. The only time that we are reminded of the past specter of racism, that used to exist at one point, is in the time when my supporters group does an anti-racism or anti-homophobia T.I.F.O, and other than that, we need to keep these games about soccer and soccer only. Yeah, I like Fred Perry. Yeah, I like my adidas shell suits. But I love my flag. Fred White and Blue, baby!"

Reportedly, Brayburn has stylized himself as a left wing political, casual ultra punk anarchist, by his own description, but also refers to himself as an apolitical fan who feels that the National Anthem shouldn't be desecrated by unpatriotic assholes.

"These so-called protesters should be compelled to sing the anthem and pledge allegiance to the flag UNDER GOD or forced off the national team that they represent. I will not stand for Megan Rapinoe desecrating this song. You know who wouldn't sing for the anthem? Nazis. I hate Nazis.  

As Crass said in How does it feel,

'How does it feel to be the mother of a thousand dead?
Young boys rest now, cold graves in cold earth'

So you can clearly see that Crass want you to stand for the anthem, because HOW DOES IT FEEL, cold graves in the earth. DON'T DESECRATE MY FLAG!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Brayburn turns to militant anti-veganism.