Horrible Website Full Of Talentless Hacks Continues To Lampoon Soccer

Horrible website, The Nutmeg News (which is absolutely chock full of talentless hacks) continues to make fun of soccer despite their inability to actually write anything that contributes to the human experience in a relevant way.

"Hey guys, here's another soccer article about dungeons and dragons. YOU WILL LOVE IT"

"Hey guys, here's another soccer article about dungeons and dragons. YOU WILL LOVE IT"

Run by illiterate nerds who haven't completed more than 4 juggles of a soccer ball in their life, The Nutmeg News continues to publish absolute bullshit despite the market response of a collective sigh.

"We are RARING to go, with TENS of clicks," stated The Nutmeg News Junior Editor, Senior Editor. "Just wait til we get to the playoffs. We are going to write a 10,000 word article on Warhammer 40k, playoff rankings and luchadors. It's gonna be LIT! (people are still using that, right?)"

Reportedly, despite a sharp uptick in TNN employees removing the company experience from their Linked In profile, The Nutmeg News has still been able to attract multiple interns from the outflow processing center of Juvenile Detention Centers around North America.

"We are very, VERY big in the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice," stated Geoffrey Brandice, who once failed to remember that Mexico is part of North America. "We are going to really pick up some clicks when the inmates at max-sec finally understand we are speaking their language. We have nowhere else to go. This is the hellscape of unemployed layabouts with nothing better to do!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on ourselves as we continue to pat ourselves on the back.