Woman With Carefully Preserved Lock Of Ali Krieger's Hair Is Certain That Athlete's Article Is Not About Her

Lincoln, NE - While gazing at a carefully preserved lock of Ali Krieger's hair partially encased in protective amber with a small end sticking out that she uses to stroke her face in a ritualistic manner, women's soccer fan and passionate individual Wanda Gregor stated that she empathizes with Ali Krieger regarding her recently posted harassment story.

"She's not talking to me, the passionate fan," stated Ms. Gregor to The Nutmeg News through a cut out of Krieger's face from her Sports Illustrated cover. "She is talking to the obsessed individuals that won't leave her alone. I'm just a passionate fan."

Reportedly, Ms. Gregor stated that Krieger couldn't possibly have a problem with her fan fiction stories that she frequently posts on her Tumblr blog about Krieger's personal life, nor her collection of vintage and used Krieger equipment that she steals from locker rooms around the United States.

"I'm just passionate. I'm just a fan. I'm a fanatic, the root of which is fan. I wouldn't hurt her," stated Ms. Gregor as she typed a fan fiction story about Krieger's sexual awakening on a Paris Saint-Germain women's team. "I create twitter accounts to protect her, to talk about her, to generate interest in her. I'm definitely not a stalker, those are the other people out there. Me? I'm just a USWNT fan and a Smashley addict. It's all about Krieger, for me. Everyone else is a pretender. Me? I'm a Krieger-fanatic and that's normal. It's utterly normal for a 27 year old woman working in a grocery store to be utterly and completely obsessed with a stranger that she knows absolutely nothing about. Absolutely normal. ABSOLUTELY. NORMAL."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we file a police report on Ms. Gregor.