Date Clears Hurdle Of Meeting Soccer Family

Tampa Bay, FL - Tampa Bay Rowdies fan Charlotte Gideon admitted that her date cleared the hurdle of meeting her soccer family and that the possibility of a second date at a game is likely after a successful outing at the recent Tampa Bay - Ottawa Fury game on June 4th.



"He did ok," stated Ms. Gideon to The Nutmeg News. "He even managed to sing a bit, although he awkwardly messed up the lyrics."

Reportedly, Mr Thomas Kurtz of St. Petersburg was unsure what Ms. Gideon meant when she stated, "I'd like you to meet my family," before heading to the soccer game, but he had a decent time despite not being a soccer fan.

"I didn't really know she was into soccer THAT much," stated Mr Kurtz. "It was really surprising. I met all these people and Charlotte really seemed to know, well, everyone. It was pretty intimidating. There were these guys that were ultra protective of her and everyone around me was singing and yelling and chanting. They had all these rituals and superstitions. It felt like I was getting indoctrinated or something. Hell, I thought I was meeting her mom and dad. "

Mr Kurtz was spotted having a good time around the 77th minute, but friends of Ms Gideon aren't convinced.

"He didn't buy a scarf, he wasn't drinking in the second half and I caught him texting while the boys were attacking. This relationship is absolutely doomed, mark my words," stated Armando Gueverra, friend of Ms Gideon for the past three years. "I predict three months before he gets dumped because he asks her if they have to go to every game or if they can do something different for once."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Gideon sets her relationship status on Facebook to "It's complicated."