Inebriatti Still Theoretically Banned For Some Game Somewhere Some Time In The Future

TORONTO - Representatives from Inebriatti, a supporters group for Toronto FC, announced that they received an email from Major League Soccer stating that they are still theoretically banned for some game somewhere some time in the future for an infraction yet to be determined.

 "There's got to be something we can use to ban them that is going on in this photo here."

"There's got to be something we can use to ban them that is going on in this photo here."

"We received an email stating the loose outline of the theoretical ban for an infraction that the league and/or front office of one of the league teams (which may or may not be our own team) or sponsors haven't fully figured out, yet," stated Inebriatti spokesman Thomas Sorenson.

"They seem pretty intent upon keeping this as confusing and vague as possible so we can only guess that they are scrolling through our Twitter feed to see what they can use to ban us in the future for games that already occured in the past."

The Nutmeg News spoke to the Montreal Impact but they referred our reporters to Major League Soccer as all teams are a subsidiary of the league.

"We believe in our fans, and we believe that we have reached a point in our league timeline where we as a league or the teams under our single-entity ownership can start abitrarily banning fans for games that aren't even in our league without actually giving reasons. We are big enough and dammit, we can do it! We can ban the fan," stated Mark Abbot, president of Major League Soccer.

Reportedly, the Inebriatti have also received notification that they had also been banned from An Sibín Pub by the Impact and MLS two years ago on a Tuesday in May.

"We certainly explored why The Inebriatti were banned from travelling to Montreal before they were notified about it," stated Abbot to TNN Reporters, "It appears that the reason why isn't important, nor the time frame in which they were notified, nor is it important that some bans they have on travelling occured during games which we, as a league, don't control. What's important here is that we and the teams operating under our control ban fans without any level of appeal and stop them from congregating and wearing t-shirts and whatever else they like to do."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Major League Soccer notifies the Inebriatti tomorrow that they were banned from attending the US Men's National Team game against Ecuador today.