Sporting Kansas City, The 1992 Dream Team, And A Block Of Cheddar Cheese - More Similar Than You Think!

Sporting Kansas City enter as favorites to win against Red Bull New York in New York on Saturday. The 1992 Dream Team entered as favorites to win against Lithuania . A block of Cheddar Cheese enters as a favorite to be grated on your Tacos.


2012 saw Sporting Kansas City start the season with seven straight victories, setting the club's all-time record for longest regular season winning streak in regulation at nine games

The 1992 Dream Team never lost a game on the way to the 1992 gold medal.

The block of yellow Cheddar Cheese that you found in your trunk that you accidentally left when you went to your friend Mark's party night was so melted that it left marks all over your corduroy pants.  QUELLE DAMAGE, JIMBO


Sporting Kansas City glitter with Beny Feilhaber, Dom Dwyer, Roger Espinoza, Graham Zusi, and Matt Besler

The 1992 Dream Team sparkled (see what we did there) with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson,  Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, and Christian Laettner

Trader Joe's X-tra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Great Lakes Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Tillamook Vintage White Cheddar Cheese, Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, need we say more?


Sporting Kansas City relentlessly press and play an up tempo game designed to make their opponents feel uncomfortable.

The 1992 Dream Team relentlessly press and play an up tempo game designed to make their opponents feel uncomfortable other than the simple fact that they were all professionals and better than literally everyone else on the court

The 2004 Vintage Kraft Cheddar Cheese slice that has been sitting in your buddies fridge for 12 years will relentlessly press and play an up temp game with your colon when you feel adventurous enough to try it on a pimento loaf sandwich that you whipped up because you were hungry.