Major League Soccer Suspends Major League Soccer for Banning Disciplinary Committee That Banned Ben Olsen

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer announced a suspension of itself for banning members of the Disciplinary committee that banned D.C. United manager Ben Olsen for entering the field of play.



Insiders at the league front office stated that Major League Soccer was upset at how it handled the handling of the disciplinary committee handling the banning of Olsen and that it would institute a review of the process that lead to the formation of the process that lead to the banning in the first place.

"We cannot support ourselves supporting the committee that supports unilateral action against our head coaches and players," stated director of the review of the review of Major League Soccer's review board, David Stern. "We must be able to critically look at ourselves, looking critically at the board that looks critically at others."

Reportedly, Major League Soccer has given itself and the disciplinary committee red cards while also un-suspending Olsen and then giving him another red card for the suspension non-suspension in the first place.

"We must take a stand against taking a stand against others taking a stand against our head coaches," stated Mr Stern. "This stand, must stand against all other stands. We voluntarily ban ourselves."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the suspension for the ban suspending the suspension of Olsen will be suspended.