Sacramento Republic Randomly Ban Fans To Show They Are Ready For MLS

Sacramento, CA - The Sacramento Republic announced Wednesday that they would randomly be banning fans for previous out of stadium and in-stadium infractions in order to prove that they are #ReadyForMLS.

"However, the guy outside in the parking lot, is not."

"However, the guy outside in the parking lot, is not."

"We want to show to Mr Whitworth and Major League Soccer that we are ready to enforce abject rules against our fans and that we don't really value their contribution to our existence in any major way," stated director of Human Affairs for Republic, Jennifer Warren. "It is important to Major League Soccer to show that we can treat our fans with an iron fist, and the first step towards Major League Soccer is obsequious boot licking of Ray Whitworth, so we will be announcing the banning of roughly 10 to 20 fans for different infractions."

Reportedly, the infractions consist of not valuing the brand high enough in their personal life, sharing supportive messages of the District Ultras, bringing in a diaper bag, complaining about security, not removing their hat for the introduction of the players music, lighting smoke at any time in their life including home fireworks, and watching any video including Liam Gallagher.

"We take this franchise opportunity seriously," stated Ms Warren. "It's important to show that we are all in this together as we move to a new league that will slowly figure out a way to turn our more passionate elements against our front office and the league."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this in year 3 of the Sacramento Republic in Major League Soccer experience.