Fans Of Opposing Teams Somehow Still Disagree With Each Other

Fans of the New England Revolution and Toronto Football Club somehow still disagreed with each other about the plays during the game and the result of the 1-1 draw on Saturday, despite three days having passed.




"That no-call penalty in the box and then the resulting goal by TFC was bullshit," stated Norma Thurbot, member of the Midnight Riders  "We all know that game should have finished 1-0 or 2-0 or even 2-1 or even 3-1, but the referees made a huge mistake and Toronto are filled with classless assholes, so they couldn't accept that they made a mistake. Even that second goal, never should have been disallowed. TFC were in the wrong the whole game. We won that game, the referees cost us 3 points."

The Nutmeg News spoke with Toronto FC fan Paul Dubois about the game result and he had the following to say, "That was never a penalty, and Giovinco is god. I don't know what they are complaining about but they are completely insane. They tried to rough up our players with that stupid turf and their centerbacks. Let's not forget... LETS NOT FORGET, they were diving and asking for calls all OVER the field. Honestly, we shouldn't have even let that first goal in. They are such a scrub team on a shit field."

The Nutmeg News attempted to force a detente with a Twitter round table, but that only increased the ire as insults flew back and forth resulting in half the group leaving while one remained posting pictures of goatse until the acrimonious round table was finished.