Major League Soccer T.I.F.O Rankings: Week 1

Welcome to the first week of the rest of your life, Major League Soccer fans and fans of teams within this league.

The Nutmeg News has collected and summarized the Top 3 best T.I.F.O displays in the league from the supporters groups associated with those teams. Why Top 3? Because looking through the rest of these displays was exhausting for the editorial staff and they opened up a bottle of Jameson to forget about the rest. 

These rankings are iron clad and fully vested within all states and provinces except for Guam and Alberta. They are non-negotiable and if you disagree, you are wrong. Having said that, here are the best T.I.F.O displays of the week.

#1 San Jose Earthquakes - Imperio Sismico

SUMMARY: We with The Nutmeg News encourage education at all levels of life and that's why the TEREMOTOS banner by Imperio Sismico was the #1 display of the week. The display of this banner caused thousands of drunk, English (only) speaking, LOBINA attending Californians to frantically pull up google translate in order to figure out "what in the SAM HILL is going on, Becky!". Fans reportedly reacted both positively and negatively with a number of flustered people stating, "I DIDN'T COME HERE TO LEARN! I came here to drink copious amounts of beer, scream profanities, browse Tinder and eat nachos like I do at Sharks games."

#2 Seattle Sounders - Emerald City Supporters

SUMMARY: It's a set of balls and a penis in blue watching television. What's not to love? Any time a supporters group purposefully puts a set of balls and penis in 50 foot high characters in the front of their section, you know they are feeling the blues, which is why this T.I.F.O display is in the colors of Sporting Kansas City, or at least that is one theory. No one really knows why the Emerald City Supporters would do this display, but maybe they just like to have their balls and penis out while watching television

#3 Portland Timbers - Timbers Army

SUMMARY: The Timbers Army had a tribute to the epic film Eat - Pray - Love with their Dance - Kiss - Love and massive center banner of an angelic Julia Roberts in full lifelike photo-realism. While TNN editors would have picked Roberts' turn as a character who has to play Julia Roberts in Oceans 12, leave it to Portland to go for a movie that they liked before it will ever be cool.


This weeks dishonorable mention goes to......

Seattle Sounders - North End Faithful