Orlando City Fan Still Looking For Keys After Celebrating Late Goals

Orlando, FL - Orlando City SC fan Drew Goddard is still looking for his keys, and hoping that they are returned to him from the Citrus Bowl after celebrating Orlando City's late goals while reportedly leaving the stadium in disgust.

Not Pictured: Drew Goddard after the 89th minute

Not Pictured: Drew Goddard after the 89th minute

"I was walking out of the stadium in anger and frustration with my car keys in my hand with the first and second goals went in. Somehow, in the massive celebration that ensued, I lost my keys under the stands somewhere. If anyone has a clue as to where they went, please let me know," stated Mr Goddard to The Nutmeg News on Monday.

While Mr Goddard claimed the previous to The Nutmeg News, friends also indicate that Mr Goddard reportedly asked on Facebook for his friends to look in the parking lot by the area where his car was parked stating, "I'm not sure where I lost them, but it might have been next to my car when the second goal happened. I left around the 85th minute, so I should have made it to my car by then."

When confronted about this information Mr Goddard stated, "I was absolutely in the stadium when we scored. I was leaving, but I hadn't left. I swear that on my dead hamster. Seriously, you could check the pictures but I'm always behind someone or below someone or hugging someone with my face turned away in the celebration. Trust Me. I was there. But if someone could help me find my keys, that would be great."