Soccer Fan Already Misses The Barclays Sponsorship

Gary, IN - English soccer fan Wesley Jenkins admitted that he already misses the Barclays sponsorship of the newly branded Premier League.

I just miss it so much. All I know is Barclays for my premier league.

I just miss it so much. All I know is Barclays for my premier league.

"It's just like when Liverpool dropped Carlsberg from their shirt sponsor. I value all my engagements through the prism of the massive amount of advertisements that bombard me daily. I only understand things presented to me like the Barclays Premier League, and I only know soccer teams by their sponsorship," said Jenkins.

Mr. Jenkins admitted that he knows that Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing when he sees Qatar Airways and Fly Emirates are on the field. 

"I was very confused when O2 wasn't Arsenal any more," stated Jenkins to The Nutmeg News on Tuesday. "I always knew it was going to be a good game when O2 played Vodafone. I remember when you could count on O2, Vodafone, Carlsberg, and Fly Emirates/Samsung propped up the top part of the league. That was way after Candy and Sharp. It's really difficult to keep all the Fly Emirates straight these days. It's easier to just assume that they are all the same team with different color kits."

Mr Jenkins stated that while he misses the Barclays sponsorship, that he will always carry a piece of it around with him, "I got a tattoo with the Barclays logo so I'll be able to remember forever the halcyon days of the Barclays sponsorship."