North American Soccer Journalist Spends Entire Thursday Screen Capping Legal Documents

Boston, MA - Soccer Journalist Jeremiah Williamson spent most of his Thursday morning screen capping legal documents while muttering, "I don't remember signing up for this shit."

"Ok, what can I use HERE for a hot take...."

"Ok, what can I use HERE for a hot take...."

Mr Williamson spoke to The Nutmeg News after a cursory review of the MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement.

"I didn't get into this because I wanted to spend my day pouring over documents dictating how much money a rookie gets as a per diem on his travel day for a Major League Soccer team. I got into this because I loved sports. I just am not entirely sure when following a league and team turned into combing over legal documents pursuant to the league that may or may not dictate the success and failure of the sport in this area as a whole."

Mr Williamson ensured that he found the very best information to clip from the documents and post directly to his twitter account so that his followers could freak out about individual details without seeing the document as a whole.

"If this whips up some page views, that wouldn't be the worst thing for me. Hardly anyone understands any of the stuff in the CBA to begin with, so I'm guessing that the number of people who care enough to read through it all the way is very small. When you combine that with the legal documents for the USSF lawsuit against the United States Women, well I'll be looking at pdf files all day long. Yay Sports."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Williamson wonders if he could just Photoshop some different rule changes and anyone would notice.