Massive Liar Claims USA Branding Information Isn't A Load Of Bullshit

CHICAGO - Massive liar and graphic designer Brian Anderson has repeatedly claimed, on Monday, that the new USA crest branding information isn't a load of bullshit.

This is a complete load of bullshit.

This is a complete load of bullshit.

"It isn't! We took millions of dollars from the United States Soccer Federation to produce this and that automatically makes the crest and the branding information on it valuable," stated Mr Anderson as he lied through his teeth on Monday.

"All of these items we notated on the crest are items that we thought about very deeply and not something that we gave to a bunch of stoned interns to attempt to try to find meaning in a crest that really is just red/white/blue with USA written in it."

While everyone knows that branding and the messaging behind it is a giant load of bullshit, Mr Anderson's firm, Sunil Gulati and the US Soccer Federation continued their futile attempt at pretending like every word in the "behind the crest" announcement wasn't just marketing jargon bullshit that literally no one in the world cares about other than the people who got paid a couple million dollars to develop it.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the United States Soccer Federation releases a marketing term lookbook to explain the branding and marketing implications of having text in a shield shape.