Indifferent Miami Fans Unaware That The Soul Of Their Team Is Being Sold

Miami, FL - Indifferent Miami soccer fans were reportedly unaware that the soul of their team was being sold from good guy, blue collar everyman David Beckham to a bunch of greedy dudes from some place that sounds menacing.

He's just a normal guy trying to fight all the billionaires and millionaires.

He's just a normal guy trying to fight all the billionaires and millionaires.

The Nutmeg News spoke to local resident Jaime Gutierrez about the situation and he had the following to say, "Huh?"

Resident soccer crank and all around online complainer James Weston reportedly was aghast at this response saying, "The soul of the sport is for sale in Miami and people there can't even be bothered to care? Our game is being sold to the Qataris! I mean, It's already been sold to the Austrians, the Abu Dhabis, and the homophobic billionaires in the United States, but the Qataris would be a bridge too far!"

The Nutmeg News decided to go further and contact Mr Guiterrez about an expansion on his original comment and he had the following to say, "Yeah, um.... I don't really care. One millionaire selling to a bunch of billionaires so they can bilk the city out of more money and try to find real estate in a very expensive city and try to sell a brand to a bunch of us gullible enough to buy into the narrative that somehow this team belongs to us. I fail to see how this sale would be any different than Beckham running the team. I mean, I have a volleyball game at South Beach in an hour and I just don't care. I will attend some games if this shit gets built, but there is no way the experience in the game is going to be better than sitting on the beach in a nice chair with a cold mojito watching the sun slowly set as my friends work on their bump set form."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as more people that don't live in Miami get upset about the things happening in Miami for a theoretical franchise that doesn't even really exist yet.