Sounders Fan's Travel Tips For Toronto Entirely Cribbed From Anthony Bourdain Special

Seattle, WA - Harold Bording, a Sounders fan and resident of the up and coming North Beacon Hill neighborhood, reportedly gave his friends Jason and Isabella Steward travel, attraction and restaurant tips for the upcoming MLS Cup game that were entirely cribbed from the Anthony Bourdain Toronto special.

"See? I'm in the background of these shots."

"See? I'm in the background of these shots."

"He spoke as though he had some kind of authority on the matter, but Izzie and I realized that he had just cribbed all the recommendations from Bourdain's Layover episode," stated Steward to The Nutmeg News.

"I really didn't know that Harold knew Toronto so well, because he spoke like an expert. Then after a few minutes, I started to get the vague feeling that I'd seen his recommendations somewhere. He even told us to go to Tosho Knife Arts. Who the hell tells someone to go to Tosho Knife Arts on vacation? It's like he just wrote down the episode, visit by visit and then relied on that for information."

TNN reporters caught up with Bording as he was effusively praising the food and culture of Vietnam and Thailand while telling everyone of the various fish markets they should visit there.

Bording reportedly had no comment on the Toronto matter, but told our reporters that if we wanted recommendations so bad for Toronto that he would be glad to email us a list of places to visit including Tosho Knife Arts.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Bording tries to find another travel show he can use that tells the sites of Toronto.