Man Still Unsure What The Hell Is A Railhawk

Cary, NC - Soccer fan and local culture supporter Davis Billingsly admitted that he is still unsure what the hell is a Railhawk as the local team was flaccidly re-branded to North Carolina FC in an attempt for an Major League Soccer push in the future.

This just adds more questions than answers.

This just adds more questions than answers.

"Ok, right, sure..... but seriously... IS it a hawk that is a rail? Is it a rail that is a hawk? Is it a hawk with a railgun? What the hell is a Railhawk?" pondered Billingsly to friends and our reporter at Dean's Seafood Grill & Bar where Billingsly cautiously asked what our per diem was and if we were feeling generous.

"I've always wondered. I've been to numerous games. I had season tickets for three seasons. I STILL don't know what a Railhawk is, but I do know this... I'm going to miss this insane bird/railroad combination."

According to sources which are primarily himself, Billingsly is considering season tickets to North Carolina FC, but he still enjoys the imponderable question of whether a hawk could fly with a rail gun and how one would train a tiny merchant of death which target they would hit first.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Billinsgly starts buying up Railhawks merchandise to save for later when a waive of nostalgia sends the next generation looking for the kits of old.