Drogba Sightings Continue Unabated In Montreal As Scientists Baffled

MONTREAL - Sightings of the mythical Drobga continued unabated as scientists with the crytpo-zoology department of the Université de Montréal confirmed they were looking into the supposedly non-existent striker.

Disputed footage of a Drogba in his natural kit.

Disputed footage of a Drogba in his natural kit.

"I saw him in the woods! I SAW HIM IN THE WOODS," yelled Impact midfielder Ignacio Piatti to disbelieving teammates at practice on Thursday. "IT was real. It was really him. I know it."

Expert in crytpo-zoology, Frederic Baker Montroy, indicated that there have even been reports of a roaming Drogba in the city as he states, "It is truly baffling. We've never seen this level of reporting about a man that we consider to be mythical. It would be something if we would see the Drogba in his natural habitat on the soccer field, but other than old rumors of times from long ago, we haven't seen a real Drogba in some time."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as a man captures grainy footage of a Drogba practicing at Stade Saputo.