Drunk Toronto Fan Spends Entire Game Yelling At Frederik Andersen

MONTREAL - Drunk Toronto fan David McLary reportedly spent nearly the entire conference final game against the Montreal Impact screaming at Maple Leaf's goalkeeper Frederik Andersen as fans around him assured him that he was, "at the wrong game."

Dave Abel/Postmedia Network

Dave Abel/Postmedia Network

"You are shit! Shit! Don't make the goalmouth any bigger," screamed McLary towards the imaginary Andersen as he dutifully powered down Chipie after Chipie in the stands.

McLary told fellow fans that the only way he could stomach travelling to Montreal was to start drinking before he left Toronto, as that was the only way to ease his social anxiety of being in Quebec. 

The travelling TFC fan was so inebriated from the trip to Montreal that he couldn't even remember which game he was attending as all the Leafs/Habs and TFC/Impact games blended together into an amalgamation of all the games he had ever gone to Montreal to watch.

"You call this defense, Andersen?" screamed McLary after the Impact scored the second goal of the game. "You have to get LOW in the butterfly, what is this shit?!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as McLary finishes his verbal diatribe by yelling at Mauro Biello to have his goons stop targeting Nylander.