Emergency Meeting Called As Fire Desperately Try To Figure Out Any Way To Tie Themselves To The Cubs

CHICAGO - Fire executives reportedly called an emergency meeting to see if there is anything else that they can do to tie themselves to the Chicago Cubs with the Cubs the 2016 Major League Baseball Champions.

"We already sent a tweet, what more can we do?!" exclaimed general manager Nelson Rodriguez to a room full of Fire executives and a laminated cut-out of Andrew Hauptman.

"Let's figure out if we can legally run our own Cubs merchandise in some kind of Cubs/Fire mashup, tell the scarf department to whip up a Chicago Cub/Chicago Fire City Of Champions scarf, and then someone .... anyone.... get Joe Maddon to deliver the first ball of the season for us. Tell him we will even split the cost of an Uber ride out to Bridgeview."

Reportedly, the Fire have even gone so far as to see if they can call themselves the Chicago Cubs Fire for next season stating, "It would really tie the communities together."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as more Rodriguez states that no one is leaving the room until they come up with 10 more ways they can tie both clubs together.