IT Help Desk Employee Brings Down Company Network After Streaming All 8 UEFA Champions League Games

LOS ANGELES - IT help desk employee Jason Harbottle reportedly brought down the entirety of his companies network after streaming all 8 UEFA Champion's League games on 8 different monitors in the repair room at lunch time.

No one cares about your monitoring queues! ZAGREB!

No one cares about your monitoring queues! ZAGREB!

"What the hell is a København and why is it pushing us above our allotted bandwidth?!" stated IT Security Manager and the only person that updates the company Visio document, Arthur Horton. "Manufacturing can't get to their supply database! We are leaking money because of Dinamo Zagreb?"

Reportedly, Harbottle thought that no one would notice him taking over the flotilla of computer monitors set up to diagnose tech problems on company computers and rigging them up to broadcast each and every game concurrently.

"They still let Reddit through the web monitor, I didn't think they would care!" ranted Harbottle on his twitter feed. "This is some bullshit. It's only lunch, it's not like it's the end of the world. Screw CIO Facetime. This is clearly more important."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this after learning that Harbottle quickly setup a private VPN server so that he could bypass the company firewall to connect to bet365 and stream games without getting caught in the future.