Man Becomes Educated On The Layout Of Los Angeles Via LAFC Logo Announcement

Des Moines, IA - Iowa native Charlie Hanover teased, on twitter, about Los Angeles finally getting a soccer team in their city before he was inundated with information about how Los Angeles is setup and whether or not Carson is considered part of the greater Los Angeles area.

Traffic pretty much as far as you can see.

Traffic pretty much as far as you can see.

"I just wanted to make a joke about how Carson, California is not really in Los Angeles, but I then spent the next 2 hours arguing geography with random people online before realizing that I wasn't going to win this argument," stated the now contrite man to The Nutmeg News on Friday.

"I started my argument by only working with the downtown Los Angeles area, but I ended up getting into a twitter fight over whether parts of Laurel Canyon, Malibu and Anaheim are considered Los Angeles. The whole thing is very confusing and I really wish I never made the joke in the first place. The number one thing I learned is that people are really defensive about the size, sprawl and encompassing nature of Los Angeles." 

Mr Hanover admitted that he now considers everything south of San Francisco and north of San Diego part of Los Angeles, just so he doesn't have to have any more conversations about whether Los Angeles is a collection of dissimilar neighborhoods united under one name or not.

"Dear god in heaven, set me free from these trolls," Mr Hanover exclaimed on twitter before he was told that Los Angeles means the Angels and that God would still consider areas south of Carson and north-west of Burbank part of Los Angeles.