Journalist Convinced Player Is Number Five Pick Having Watched 30 Minutes Of Him Running

Lauderhill, Florida- Increasingly, journalist Brandon Weter is convinced that a player he watched for 30 minutes on Sunday is going to be the number five pick in the Major League Soccer draft.

"So, guys... who do YOU think is the best player in the draft?"

"So, guys... who do YOU think is the best player in the draft?"

"This Oscar Rast from Pepperdine is the real deal" said Weter to all of his twitter followers is a vine video posted on Monday morning. "I predict he will go #5 in the draft," he stated as though he had some kind of authority or knowledge on the matter.

When asked by The Nutmeg News how he could possibly know where the player was going to be drafted, Mr Weter stated that he knew because the team with the 5th pick let him know that they were going to take the Mr Rast in the 5th position.

"There's knowing and there's letting people know what you know," stated Mr Weter. "In my case, my heavy scouting of watching him run for the last 30 minutes combined with sitting right behind the coaching staffs as they talk about players they like, has truly informed me of what I think is going to happen. Granted none of these opinions are actually my opinions, but that is what news truly is, these days. News is the ability to pass on information that you learned by sitting behind a bunch of other, smarter people and acting as though it is your own conclusion."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Mr Weter's opinions when he talks about the size of Joshua Yaro.