Independent Supporters Council Adds Sponsorship

CHICAGO - The Independent Supporters Council announced a new sponsorship and brand relaunch after acquiring Subway as a sponsorship during the 2016 Chicago convention.

"So what we are saying is that we will Support Fresh with a new Garlic Parmesan intensity."

"So what we are saying is that we will Support Fresh with a new Garlic Parmesan intensity."

The Independent Supporters Council stated that they acquired Subway as a sponsor for their efforts and the efforts of their constituents in order to fill out the financial obligation of being a supporter.

"We thought this would be a way to get some more money in while eating fresh. This also allows us to support fresh, cheer fresh, pogo fresh, pyro fresh, dance fresh, curse fresh, T.I.F.O fresh,  and give away the golden sub award to the best supporter in each area," stated director of the ISC Convention and Chicago Fire fan Dom Donbrowski.  "We want to make sure that everyone knows that we in Section 8 support the fire and the fire that happens when you order the Habanero Mayo Frito Italian BMT from your local Subway."

With Subway now sponsoring the ISC, the name has been changed to "Eat Fresh With Subway, Independent Supporters Council" with some additional branding being launched in the coming weeks.

"We will be coordinating T.I.F.O. displays in stadiums across America that display the wealth of different subway sandwiches that are available. There will be main stage banners, overheads and two sticks to indicate the Roast Beef, Turkey and the new California Avacado and Durian Chicken Sub. It's important to be all in on this so that we can show our solidarity as it pertains to delicious Subway subs," stated director of T.I.F.O. coordination Robbie Fitzgerald. "We also want to work with the supporters groups that can do smoke and pyro to ensure that they don't cover the subway T.I.F.O while adding to the enhanced tasteful and delicious feeling of upcoming matches."

The Nutmeg News spoke to Subway regarding their new sponsorship and they had the following to say, "We, with Subway corporate, are excited to work with the youth of America and Canada (except for Regina, because our franchise there sucks) on this new project. We are very happy with the opportunity to expand our brand into a burgeoning collective of rad kids and youth that like to get down at the soccer. Long live whatever stupid team you support and Subway, a winning combination."