Brilliantly Struck Ball That Hit Off The Post In Training Seen As Good Omen For Dynamo

Houston, TX - A brilliantly struck ball that hit off the post in training has been lauded as a good omen for the Houston Dynamo as the pre-season heats up for Major League Soccer.



"Did you see that shit," stated Jim Harrison of Boerne, TX to his friend Tyler. "We are going to win the fucking league this year, I'm telling you what. All the Dynamo need to do is move that ball just two inches to the right and we will be golden." 

While Dynamo fans are now supremely confident in their chances for 2016, the rest of the supporters in Major League Soccer have reportedly urged their teams to post videos of balls ricocheting off posts to assuage any feelings of inadequacy. 

"My god, can ANYONE on our team hit the post?" screamed Oscar Gomez, a Seattle Sounders fan of Federal Way, WA.  "I just want a vine of the ball hitting the post so I know that we are trying to win the league this year. Fuck it. Fuck it all. #SigiOut."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Dynamo post a video of a crossbar drill.