Don Garber Revises Comments, "MLS Will Be A Top League Some Time Before The Sun Explodes"

Manchester, England - Prognosticator and resident futurist Don Garber has revised his "MLS will be a top league by 2020" comment to read "Major League Soccer (MLS) will be a top league some time before the Sun explodes."

Gaber spoke before a sparsely attended panel at the Soccerex convention gladhanding and dick measuring contest in Manchester.

"Of course we believe that Major League Soccer may be a top league in the next 20 years, but it could also be a top league in the next 400 years. I mean, time is a funny thing. It may be that my 5 years could be a theoretical 50 years, or possibly even 4000 years." said Garber on Tuesday evening.

"One thing that I can promise is that before the earth descends into anarchy and the slow scorch of the sun explodes irradiating our atmosphere into a deadly poison that drives us below ground while the human race slowly extinguishes like a lit match that your uncle uses to light a pipe..... MLS will be a top league. Now what that 'top' looks like we haven't defined yet. I mean, we could be talking about alphabetically. There might be other leagues that have changed their name and Major League Soccer could change our name to All-Star League Soccer. That would put us nearly first in the entire world listing of leagues, proving that we are the dominant league in North America via metrics of alphabetical listing despite our competitive build."

The Nutmeg News asked Mr Garber how he plans on making the league profitable and the Commissioner had the following response, "With Money."

The Nutmeg News will have more on comments from MLS executives during Soccerex.