Major League Soccer Readies 36 More GIF Specialists In Anticipation Of Herrera Hire

NEW YORK - The recent attempt at acquiring Miguel Herrera as head coach of the Chicago Fire has forced Major League Soccer (MLS) to prepare to hire 36 more animated GIF specialists in order to cover the animated coach.

Never known to shy away from shameless self promotion, the league front office recognizes that they have a potential gold mine of overreactions, celebrations and freak outs from Herrera.

"We have one problem" said President of Major League Soccer Mark Abbot "and that is that the Chicago Fire are so bad that Miguel might not have anything to celebrate. Realistically no one wants to watch sad Herrera GIFs but if we have to do that, we will. We are exploring swinging a 'few things' Chicago's way should they decide that he is the coach for them. You know, a little bit of the rub one way or another and a few players in their direction just to make this interesting. We don't want them too dominant but Herrera would be a fantastic watch if the Fire were good offensively and terrible defensively. Don and I will have to talk about making this happen."

Regardless of the team setup for next year, Abbot stated, "we are excited for the opportunity to catch this manic coach in his natural habitat and use this for shameless league promotion. Right now, his antics on the sideline would be more entertaining than 99% of the games Chicago played this season. We hope that it ends as well as our attempt to corral Chelis in Chivas USA from smoking on the sidelines."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we also profit on the possibility of the insanity of Herrera coaching for Chicago.