American Outlaws Announce Support For Donald Trump

Lincoln, Nebraska – Bruce Ternasky, a representative of the US Men’s National Soccer Team supporter group known as American Outlaws, provided a statement today indicating their group’s intention to provide their support for Donald Trump as he makes a run for the US presidency.  The statement is as follows:

"The American Outlaws want to publicly state how much we support what Donald Trump stands for and that we feel he is the perfect leader for America.

When we heard Trump talking about how Mexicans are getting into our country and are bringing drugs, crime, and are rapists, our hearts swelled with patriotism as we realized that finally someone in a leadership position understood our viewpoints. This message is the same one we’ve been trying to get out to the American public through our songs and banners and now finally the message is starting to get out and up to the higher levels of society.

We have heard Trump talk about women like Rosie O'Donnell saying ‘If I were running The View, I’d fire Rosie. I’d look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers and say, Rosie, you’re fired.’ For so long we have taken abuse for our stance on women, but finally we have some validation and support from on high for our ‘No Fat Chicks’ policy.

All that we stand for finally has a chance to be heard on the debate floor of American.  Finally we have our mouthpiece and he’s got a good shot at becoming president. This truly is the greatest country on God’s Earth.

We, the American Outlaws, stand behind Donald Trump.  Well, technically behind and slightly to the side. No homo.”

TNN will provide further statements when they become available.