Woman Admits, "I've Put All My Hope And Frustration Into My English Team After This Awful July"

Wilmington, NC - Wilmington Hammerheads fan Stephanie Rinomato has publicly stated, "I'm officially ready for the premier league season to start" after the Hammerheads 0 win 4 loss 1 draw July came to a close.

"It's time for the mighty Sunderland to kick off so I can live with the hope of a better season than the one I'm currently going through before Sunderland dash it all one month into the season." said Rinomato. "I've put all my hope and frustrations into my English team after this awful July. I mean, it's not getting any better and I'm only surviving as a fan right now with the hope of a brand new English soccer season. Granted, this hope will inevitably be betrayed by this team that I randomly chose after going on a vacation and ending up at a Sunderland game during the 2008 season. But at least momentarily, I have hope again."

Rinomato admits that Sunderland were an odd choice to pick up but she said she wouldn't have it any other way. "The natural condition of being a fan of the Hammerheads and the USL is pain, suffering and being overlooked. This fits in perfectly with Sunderland because they allow me to experience the same frustrating and fleeting hope before dashing it into the ground with a realistic viewpoint of what is truly going to happen in the league. I plan on channeling my angst about Rob Vincent's Riverhounds hat trick on Jermain Defoe's goal scoring form."

While Rinomato is pessimistic about her long term chances at maintaining hope, she said that she hasn't given up completely.

"Well, no. You can't give into depression because that's too easy. We must slog on through those terrible USL July months to get to the premier league and looking for terrible streams while simultaneously making jokes about horse punching jackasses, on twitter. There's a tribal process to grief that makes all of this perfectly acceptable. That might make me a masochist now that I think about it. I really try not to think about it."

The Nutmeg News will have more on the collapse of Sunderland's season and the spiraling addiction of Stephanie Rinomato to the game of soccer as the month of September begins.