Area Man Admits: "Laura Harvey Is Pretty Smart, For A Girl"

Enumclaw, WA - Loudmouth, opinionated dick, and Seattle Reign fan Ricky Farnsworth admitted to a close group of friends today that the head coach and general manager of the Seattle Reign, Laura Harvey, "Is pretty smart, for a girl. She might even be smarter than I am at this NWSL stuff." This breaking news sent shockwaves throughout the small group of friends sitting on Ricky's back patio where they consumed large quantities of beer.

"I've been criticizing her for some time because she doesn't make the moves that I would make" said Farnsworth in a follow up Facebook post that was so long that it had one of those notifications to SEE MORE at the end showing his complete commitment to filling up your timeline with pure bullshit.

"But I can honestly say that after winning the regular season shield title for two straight years and building a roster that can compete top to bottom even while losing players to the Women's World Cup has convinced me that this broad can coach." He then paused to open up a cooler and pull out his seventh Rainier Beer of the evening.

He continued by stating that he became a Reign fan because, according to him, there was "Fit Chicks, Short Shorts, Cheap Tickets, and Beer."

While Farnsworth is clearly not a man who thinks about his words, he never-the-less became slowly convinced by the marching to victory of Harvey all the way to the NWSL playoffs and the shield. "I'm telling you, she knows what to do right now. I mean is it perfect? NO. We still haven't won the championship and I don't know that she possesses the ability to actually win the big one. I mean chicks knowing soccer? Now that's a new one for me. At least for the time being I'll lay off the lady knowing full well that somehow she managed to win all the games she needs, destroyed Portland, and put out a lineup that manages to win. This whole winning shit, shit... makes her at least 20% sexier to me."

When asked about his opinion on Seattle Sounders coach Siki Schmid he told us that he's a "Goddamned godsend and the greatest coach this league has ever seen and the only reason he hasn't been more successful is because of the goddamned refs. Harvey could learn a lot by following his example."