Eredivisie Games On Univision Deportes Push Man To Watch Austrian Bundesliga

Charleston, SC - Soccer fan and blooming trendsetter Joshua Harden revealed to friends that his social safe haven of watching Eredivisie games from terrible web streams at awkward times was over. 

"I thought I had a league all to my own, but then people told me that they were watching ADO Den Haag versus PSV Eindhoven on Univision Deportes and my world caved in. I cannot be a trendsetter if I am watching the same leagues as everyone else. So I dropped my burgeoning interest in PSV and switched over to watching the Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga, or as you call it the Austrian Bundesliga. At least with that league I know that they aren't being broadcast in the United States."

Harden stated that his friends depend on him to be at the forefront of new cultural ideas and that his ability to intermittently watch games at 4:00 in the morning streamed over websites designed to steal your credit card number is his way of informing people about what is going to be important soon but not now.

"I'm the taste maker, I'm the man who told all my friends about St Pauli and Dortmund before they became bloated sell outs. I'm the man who will tell you now about....." Harden frantically checked Wikipedia... "the evils of Red Bull Salzburg and the difficulties of the fans in the Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga that you should care about right now."

Mr Harden then became animated talking about his new club that had a great supporters culture, without informing anyone of which club it is because he hasn't actually picked them yet. 

"You will know their name in the next 5 years, I guarantee it. By the time I have moved on to the Fortuna Liga, you will know all about them and what they do."